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Offers the provision of drug promotion services by RADFARM medical and commercial representatives

We would like to present you with RADFARM's offerrings. We hope that it will encourage you to start cooperating with our Company with regard to the promotion of your drugs by our Representatives. RADFARM's representatives are staff with higher medical or similar education, trained, with commercial experience, an d who know the pharmaceutical market. The employment of such representatives allows us to reduce the costs of promotion and increase its efficiency.

What we have to offer:

What makes us stand out?

What do we count on when we cooperate with companies?


Additional services

Reporting system, Catering, Warehousing and distribution of promotional materials


Commercial representatives

We offer representatives working within Client structures ...


Pharmaceutical marketing

Our offer includes preparation of promotional and informational materials...



We are looking for candidates for the following position: Medical Representative

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